Friday, June 3, 2016


Broadcaster at WorkAuthor Brian Drake (Permission to Die, The Rogue Gentleman) recently interviewed me about my short story collection for his blog, Brian Drake at Large!

In our brief chat, I also end up talking about Singaporean horror, my former professor Albert Wendt, the fake Chinese poet Li-Fen Chou, and, for some odd reason, David Hasselhoff!

Check out the interview here!

Sunday, May 22, 2016


Presented by Before Columbus Foundation
Laurel Book Store: May 22, 11:00am—12:15pm

The Chinese presence in North America predates the formation of the United States by several centuries, thus making Chinese-American Literature one of the most complex traditions in contemporary letters. The arc and panorama of this vibrant, urgent stream among American artistic tributaries will be discussed with one of its master practitioners and grand iconoclasts, Frank Chin. The Confessions of a Number One Son: The Great Chinese American Novel, Mr. Chin's most recent novel, will serve as the axis of this conversation, which will include its editor, Prof. Calvin McMillin, and Genny Lim, a key presence in contemporary Chinese-American culture.

 FRANK CHIN is an award-winning playwright, novelist, and cultural critic. His first two plays, The Chickencoop Chinaman and The Year of the Dragon, remain seminal works in the history of Asian American theater. Chin’s books include Donald Duk, Gunga Din Highway, and Bulletproof Buddhists. He is also the coeditor of two landmark anthologies of Asian American literature: Aiiieeeee! and its sequel, The Big Aiiieeeee!

GENNY LIM's poetry books are Winter Place from the San Francisco Kearny Street Workshop and Child of War. She is author of two plays: Paper Angels and Bitter Cane and the nonfiction book Island: Poetry and History of Chinese Immigrants on Angel Island. Lim has performed and recorded in poetry and music collaborations with jazz greats Max Roach, Herbie Lewis, John Santos, Francis Wong, and Jon Jang. Paper Angels was performed in San Francisco's Chinatown and won the Fringe Festival Top Ten Award for Best Site Specific Work. Her performance piece, Where is Tibet? premiered at CounterPulse, and was performed at AfroSolo Arts and Women on the Way Festivals.

CALVIN MCMILLIN is a writer, teacher, and scholar. Born in Singapore and raised in rural Oklahoma, he received his PhD in literature from the University of California, Santa Cruz. He writes fiction and previously worked as a film critic for, a Hong Kong cinema Web site. He is the author of The Sushi Bar at the Edge of Forever.

Saturday, March 5, 2016


My short story collection, The Sushi Bar at the Edge of Forever, is now available for purchase in paperback and e-book. Here's the press release from my publisher, Pro Se Productions.



In 2015, Pro Se Productions published ASIAN PULP, an anthology featuring tales with Asian leads and a follow up to Pro Se’s best selling BLACK PULP. Author Calvin McMillin’s haunting noir horror story was included in that collection and now joins five other stories by McMillin in a new collection from Pro Se entitled, like the original story, THE SUSHI BAR AT THE EDGE OF FOREVER.

“Telling great stories,” says Pro Se Editor in Chief Tommy Hancock, “is what a talented author does. A part of that is being able to take various aspects of different genres and blend them together into a written concoction that knocks readers off their feet. Calvin McMillin’s THE SUSHI BAR AT THE EDGE OF FOREVER first accomplished that as a well delivered, thought provoking short story in ASIAN PULP and now he does it again six times over in a collection of the same name. The places that Calvin takes readers in each of these stories are unique and set just as much in a corner of our own souls as they are in a sushi bar or anywhere else. Both pathos and terror abound in this collection.”

The realms of fantasy, horror, and noir converge in THE SUSHI BAR AT THE EDGE OF FOREVER, an eclectic short story collection from author Calvin McMillin.

A ghostwriter wishes to break free of his bestselling horror series and reveal his true identity to the world, but he soon learns that plagiarism can have ghastly consequences…

A beautiful tourist is offered a shot at fame from a world-class modeling agency, but a disturbing incident buried deep in her past may hold the key to surviving the audition…

A private detective visits a sushi bar and strikes up a conversation with a mysterious stranger, a fateful encounter that will cause him to question not only his sanity, but his very existence…

These and other exciting tales make up THE SUSHI BAR AT THE EDGE OF FOREVER , a spellbinding collection of six pulp stories that will plunge you headlong into a surreal world of mystery, menace, and the macabre. From Pro Se Productions.

Featuring an evocative cover by Larry Nadolsky and cover design and print formatting by Percival Constantine, THE SUSHI BAR AT THE EDGE OF FOREVER is available now at Amazon at and Pro Se’s own store at for 15.00.

Calvin McMillin’s story collection of noir and horror is also available as an Ebook, designed and formatted by Russ Anderson for only $2.99 for the Kindle at and for most digital formats via Smashwords at

For more information on this title, interviews with the author, or digital copies to review this book, contact Pro Se Productions’ Director of Corporate Operations, Kristi King-Morgan at

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